MDES organized the seminar and exhibition “Thailand 4.0 Thailand goes beyond what you think: Thailand 4.0 The Future and Beyond”

The growth of the country is now mostly concerned with digital technologies. To gather ideas on how to promote the country as a regional participant in the digital economy, the seminar “THAILAND 4.0 THE FUTURE AND BEYOND” was recently convened

5G Smart Classroom Project by Huawei

Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Chiang Mai University trial the device in the Smart classroom. At the Active Learning Classroom 2 on the second floor of the TLIC Center Building, under the 5G Smart Classroom project by Huawei.

SCG-AIS 5G-Huawei develop autonomous vehicle systems powered by 5G Remote control

SCG via Circular Plus by CPAC Green Solution combines expertise from AIS, a 5G technology leader in Thailand, Huawei, a leader in ICT technology, as well as Chinese partners Yutong, an electric vehicle operator, and Waytous, a specialist in industry’s wireless vehicle systems driving force developing a self-driving transportation system