5G EIC jointly collaboration with Siam Kubota lead 5G to develop innovation of Agriculture

Thailand 5G Ecosystem Innovation Center (5G EIC) and Siam Kubota Cooperation limited are collaborate to introduce 5G technology aim to improve innovation which will benefit Agriculture and Industries in the future. By starting to jointly test and develop three innovations. 

Firstly, the 5G 360 degree view glasses. This will involve a VR camera which can convey knowledge content to the farmers or customers through 5G technology. Using 5G to deliver the real on-site experiences as if they are at the event which enables real-time farm monitoring.

The second solution is the 5G Remote Driver Training which is the equipment used for training people interested in the machinery used in agriculture. This equipment will be used to improve the skills for operating and controlling agricultural machinery with the help of 5G. 

Finally, the 5G Unmanned Agricultural Vehicle takes advantage of 5G low latency technology to enhance driver’s performance in all conditions and also help reduces labor shortages.