5G Telemedicine Bangsaen21 Half Marathon

On Sunday of 20th December 2020. Thailand 5G EIC take role in the first road race gold label half marathon in ASAEN “Bangsaen21 Half Marathon” . In such Marathon event, medical health care station will be located every 1 KM of the race track to monitor runner condition and provide first aid to runner who injure. Usually there need to be doctor or nurses standby at each station to take care of the injured runner.

But with the advent of 5G advancement, together with Phayathai Hospital, Thailand 5G EIC has deployed Telemedicine solution which enable hospital to effectively monitor runners’ condition, doctors no longer required to standby at each station across the race track. They can directly monitor each station in the command center using Telemedicine solution which comprises of Huawei Ideahub, Huawei 5G CPE and AR Glasses

The brief description of the solution is that we deploy Huawei 5G CPE at each control station and provide user equipment to the standby nurses such as 5G mobile phone, AR glasses. If there are any injured runner brought into station, doctors can observe the situation and communicate with onsite nurse in real time. The event has been a success, doctors report their positive feedback that before this if there are no doctors at the station, it is very difficult to communicate with onsite nurses as the doctor can only perceive verbal explanation but did not get visual observation of the incident, this Telemedicine solution has been a great tool for medical personnel to help patient more effectively