‘BYOND MOBILE’ Thailand experience the networked economy and the 5G ecosystem

Asia’s leading international trade exhibitions are organized by VNU Asia Pacific. introducing the most recent trade show in the tech industry. It is a technology and innovation event for 5G high-speed network company under the name “BYOND MOBILE.” that will strengthen a crucial network that will bring together service providers and startups to conduct commercial negotiations for future expansion with the assistance of operators and company owners in high-speed networks, internet, and mobile phone communication networks and more than 50 different types of advanced IT systems. Along with packed academic seminars for those interested. Join to listen to share news and knowledge and business trends introduce new technology. K. Wirasut Gunjarueg, Manager from Thailand 5G EIC has attended to share session under the topic of “How to Boost 5G Ecosystem across Thailand” and introduced about the 5G Ecosystem. And also the State-of-the-art technology for the life sciences business is presented. digital medicine technology for agriculture biotechnology technology for learning Manufacturing and Robotics, Smart City, Technology City and vehicles of the future.