Success Case

5G Unmanned Vehicle for passengers

Huawei and Gensurv have launched 5G unmanned golf cart which can pick-up and drop-off passenger automatically without driver required. Huawei and Gensurv robotic have launched 5G Unmanned Vehicle for passengers which can pick-up and drop-off passenger automatically without driver required. Before the integration of 5G the control of unmanned vehicle to set pick-up point need

5G VR LIVE BROADCAST Central World COUNTDOWN 2021 “A Symbol of hope”

Bangkok, 31 December 2020 – To bring about a world-class New Year countdown phenomenon at Central World, one of the World’s countdown landmarks, Huawei Technologies Thailand Co., Ltd., in collaboration with Central World Department Store by Central Pattana Public Company Limited, introduces the 5G + Cloud and VR technologies for people to join the New


Industry: VRPartner: PICO User experience the Panoramic 3D , 360° 3D VR Video and Game by VR Helmet. VR contents(Video and Game ) are installed in thailand Cloud, Using 5G wide broadband ,high speed to experience VR.

TelChina 5G Smart Lamppost

Industry: Smart CampusPartner: TelChina The TelChina 5G intelligent lamppost is based on the 5G edge-cloud collaborative computing framework developed independently by TelChina. All data transmission is based on 5G wireless communication, which avoids troublesome construction and high costs of the traditional intelligent lampposts using optical fibre connection. The TelChina 5G intelligent lampposts are equipped with

Joyware Smart City

Industry: Smart CampusPartner: Joyware Cooperation Project:Joyware rely on the existing information public infrastructure of Industrial Park, in accordance with the design concept of “resource sharing, power integration, mechanism integration, and intensive means”, and making full use of the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other new generation of information technology means,


Industry: RoboticsPartner: FIBO Cooperation Project Overview:Experiencing with the COVID-19 pandemic has stimulated further robotics research in Thailand. To address the risk of infectious diseases, robotics assisted telemedicine has been developed to minimize exposures and viral transmission. Huawei Technologies Thailand Co., Ltd., in collaboration with Institute of Field Robotics (FIBO) King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi

Huawei, NBTC, Siriraj Hospital unveil 5G unmanned vehicle in Thailand

The vehicle will deliver medical supplies in remote areas. Huawei, Thailand National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Communication (NBTC) and Siriraj Hospital, have launched an unmanned vehicle to deliver medical supplies and solutions in remote areas, a press release revealed. This self-driving vehicle takes advantage of 5G technology from Huawei to enable contactless delivery of medical supplies