Industry: Robotics
Partner: FIBO

Cooperation Project Overview:
Experiencing with the COVID-19 pandemic has stimulated further robotics research in Thailand. To address the risk of infectious diseases, robotics assisted telemedicine has been developed to minimize exposures and viral transmission. Huawei Technologies Thailand Co., Ltd., in collaboration with Institute of Field Robotics (FIBO) King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) introduce SOFA, a service robot for telemedicine, to help lowering the risk of contracting the coronavirus among healthcare workers. Powered by the 5G compatible devices by Huawei, performing of the robot on sending/receiving and displaying treatment record or diagnosis results on the front screen, remotely commanding through application from the centralized control center, and doctor-patient teleconferencing through VDO calls can be effectively executed in exactly real time.

Three prototypes in the platform consist of:

  1. SOFA, a service robot for telemedicine, is equipped with a thermal camera to monitor patients’ temperature and a high-definition magnifying camera which can magnify the object 20 times the original size allowing the doctors to check general physical condition of patients e.g., eyes and tongues – from a distance.
  2. CARVER / MuM III, an autonomous mobile robot, is specially designed for food and medical supplied delivery operating in COVID-19 inpatient wards. The built-in cabinet is able to store 20 meal sets, so that it is able to serve the food for the entire ward in only few rounds. and
  3. (3) Service Robot, the third type of robot can convey medicine and food to inpatients with special needs at specific locations. It has been designed to automatically travel to the target areas by remotely controlling from a centralized center. The patients can interact with the robot to communicate with doctors and nurses.