Huawei, NBTC, Siriraj Hospital unveil 5G unmanned vehicle in Thailand

The vehicle will deliver medical supplies in remote areas. Huawei, Thailand National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Communication (NBTC) and Siriraj Hospital, have launched an unmanned vehicle to deliver medical supplies and solutions in remote areas, a press release revealed. This self-driving vehicle takes advantage of 5G technology from Huawei to enable contactless delivery of medical supplies in remote areas and complex environments. It claims to offer safe, convenient and cost-effective solutions that will reduce workload for healthcare workers and improve patient safety, the press release added. “The NBTC has been utilizing 5G technology with remote medical services by connecting with Community Health Promotion Hospital and large local hospitals in piloting remote treatment of four diseases, such as eye diseases, skin diseases, blood pressure abnormalities and diabetes. Moreover, the remote medical care has also expanded to local prisons, namely, Khao Bin Central Prison and Ratchaburi Central Prison in Ratchaburi province, to give easier medical access to people and prisoners in remote areas,” said Takorn Tantasith, Secretary-General of the Office of the NBTC. After the first trial in Siriraj Hospital, NBTC will evaluate the benefits and efficiency of this vehicle before implementing it in other hospitals, the press release said.

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