Joyware Smart City

Industry: Smart Campus
Partner: Joyware

Cooperation Project:
Joyware rely on the existing information public infrastructure of Industrial Park, in accordance with the design concept of “resource sharing, power integration, mechanism integration, and intensive means”, and making full use of the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other new generation of information technology means, Joyware develop and build a holographic awareness of regional operation situation and all kinds of event prediction, early warning, analysis, judgment, and decision-making The smart city operation platform with the functions of “perception, analysis, governance, service, supervision, assessment, and command” will realize the six in one, build a social governance system with clear rights and responsibilities, multi-level linkage, fine intelligence, and safety control, and build an advanced and first-class smart city operation platform with Park characteristics.

Key function:

  1. Video intelligent analysis: solving the problem of enterprise internal management
    Aiming at the key point video, combined with Huawei cloud EI algorithm, it is enabled to have intelligent analysis ability, improve video effectiveness and reduce labor cost.
  2. Video and algorithm job management: flexible algorithm enabling
    Through video and algorithm job management, the algorithm can flexibly enable video and make video have different intelligent analysis ability for different events.
  3. Structured data reporting: solve the problem of multi platform intercommunication call
    The structured data of video analysis provides standard result output and the ability of intercommunication between three platforms.