MDES joins hands with HUAWEI, provides 5G solution and AI Technology

Digital Economy and Society Ministry, together with Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd., is helping to enhance Thai medical personnel at Ramathibodi Hospital with CLOUD technology, by bringing AI solution for CT quantification results of COVID-19 diagnosis. The AI solution from HUAWEI CLOUD, which was used to help China handled COVID-19 situation, can quickly output CT quantification results of COVID-19 suspected cases within seconds, works automatically with a high accuracy, and reduces time in image analyzing per case.

The AI technology from HUAWEI CLOUD can help process medical image and CT quantification result data from patients’ lungs by utilizing Artificial Intelligent technology, in order to analyze whether they are infected with the new Corona virus (Novel coronavirus, SARS-COV-2) or the COVID-19 disease.

CT powers fast and effective diagnosis and evaluation. However, due to large numbers of lesions in lungs and rapid changes, multiple rechecks and image reviews are required in a short period of time, significantly increasing the workloads of imaging doctors. The AI solution from HUAWEI CLOUD will help reduce some of the work from imaging doctors in Thailand, making them available to diagnose more Thai patients and handle the COVID-19 situation more effectively.

HUAWEI CLOUD leverages the computer vision and medical image analysis technologies to segment the multiple pulmonary ground glass opacities (CGOs) and lung consolidation and make quantitative evaluations through CTs of patients’ lungs. It combines clinical information and laboratory results to help doctors more accurately distinguish between early, advanced, and severe stages of COVID-19. In addition, more than 20 hospitals in China has adopted this technology to handle the COVID-19 and after continues training and optimization, the solution has become more efficient with classification of accuracy rate at 96% and with DICE score higher than 85.

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