SCG-AIS 5G-Huawei develop autonomous vehicle systems powered by 5G Remote control

SCG via Circular Plus by CPAC Green Solution combines expertise from AIS, a 5G technology leader in Thailand, Huawei, a leader in ICT technology, as well as Chinese partners Yutong, an electric vehicle operator, and Waytous, a specialist in industry’s wireless vehicle systems driving force developing a self-driving transportation system to improve transportation capabilities in planning the route of transporting raw materials to connect between vehicles continuously, quickly, and safely, especially in hazardous jobs and environmentally friendly by using precise travel planning technologies and EV truck, CO2 emissions are reduced by more than 35% annually compared to the traditional method. Mr. Alan Liao, President of Carrier Business Group, Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said, “As a world-leading technology company, Huawei is honored and pleased to contribute to the development of the “solution. 5G Smart Vehicles for Sustainable Industrial Advancement in Thailand.” The partnership will bring practical application of 5G technology in the management of running route planning for local equipment transport. This is a huge benefit to the industry, helping to develop a safer, more agile and digitally transformed electric truck transportation system. Huawei will use its knowledge expertise and experience to advance the SCG Automotive Intelligent 5G Solution Project. (Smart Autonomous Vehicles Solutions for Sustainable Industrial Advancement) We will work with industry partners to enhance our capabilities to be more efficient and reduce carbon emissions, such as Green Manufacturing. to all industries operating in Thailand, sparking the adoption of 5G technology and setting new standards, promoting green industry. This will be the main engine to drive Thailand’s economy to be progressive, sustainable, and a leader in ASEAN’s low-carbon society.”