TelChina 5G Smart Lamppost

Industry: Smart Campus
Partner: TelChina

The TelChina 5G intelligent lamppost is based on the 5G edge-cloud collaborative computing framework developed independently by TelChina. All data transmission is based on 5G wireless communication, which avoids troublesome construction and high costs of the traditional intelligent lampposts using optical fibre connection.

The TelChina 5G intelligent lampposts are equipped with HUAWEI 5G CPE, weather sensors, smart lamp controllers, high-definition cameras, outdoor LED displays, speakers, WiFi, and many other modules, providing such intelligent management ways as smart lighting, environmental sensing, security monitoring, and information publishing.

The functions of the intelligent lamppost management platform include:

  1. Smart lighting: street light switch control, power saving management, and statistical analysis.
  2. Environmental monitoring: collecting PM10 / PM2.5 data, temperature, humidity, noise and other information to monitor the surrounding environment in real time.
  3. Security monitoring: 360° high-definition camera which saves video information in real time, captures pictures, and provides on-site real-time video surveillance for operators.
  4. Information publishing: high-definition outdoor LED display that enables regular release and management of promotion videos and images.
  5. Broadcasting: regular and real-time broadcasting for a park, such as: playing light music or giving real-time broadcasting that warns any emergency nearby.