Thailand 5G EIC together with Saintmed collaborating to develop new solutions based on 5G technology

Thailand 5G Ecosystem Innovation Center (5G EIC) together with Saintmed Public Company Limited collaborating to develop new solutions based on 5G technology, with the aim to provide a better healthcare standard for Thai people. Positioning as one of the largest medical instruments provider, SaintMed mainly focus on life-saving and respiratory care devices and equipment which enable hospital across the country to provide accurate diagnosis and treatment in timely manner. With the partnership with Thailand 5G EIC the capability of various medical devices are elevated through 5G technology. The partnership will facilitate further development of medical solution to improve Thai people’s access to health system services more easily, reducing the previous everlasting healthcare inequality.

Thailand 5G EIC facilitating 5G access devices and 5G specialist to SaintMed as well as training their team members on how to integrate 5G devices into the current system. Including the addition of special features which is enabled by 5G which prove the capability of the devices.

For example, Tele-consulting on 5G Smart Ambulance, to help doctors treat the patient promptly in which 5G plays a vital role. With its high-speed and low latency, doctors at the hospital are able to inspect patient’s condition on the ambulance in real-time and start diagnosis process immediately, increasing the survival rate of the patient.